I Do, Do You?

Posted by Dylan Klymenko on 2015-09-21

This is a story about how I became part of someone else's love story.

Meet Jeff and Tracey.

It was 2013. New York Comic Con. Jeff and his sister were at my table in the Artist Alley, looking through all my artwork for the first time ever. Everyone was having a blast. As Jeff was flipping through my iPad show he came across this piece:

It got a big laugh. I explained how it was my secret dream that one day a fan of mine would propose to their significant other using this print. "I'm proposing to my girlfriend this weekend! I would absolutely do this." Jeff was super excited by the idea. He bought a few prints, including this one. When the weekend arrived he used it as part of his proposal to Tracey.

Fast-forward a year later. Jeff reached out to let me know that the wedding was drawing near and he was hoping to have a custom piece created to commemorate the marriage and bring things full circle. I asked for a bunch of details about them, their relationship - looking for inspiration. One of the facts I pulled was that Jeff and Tracey are both huge football fans, but of rival teams (Eagles vs Giants). Not really knowing how they intended to use it, I ended up creating this piece for them:

Well, they used it AT the wedding. It was part of a display box which received cards and smaller gifts from guests. It was so cool to receive this photo.

Here's a big congratulations to Jeff and Tracey on their marriage. They're coming up on their 1st year anniversary on November 22nd.

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