Signature Series

This is something for the serious collector.

It’s no secret that every piece of art on this site can and will be sold as many times as someone out there wants one. The Signature Series is the exception to that rule — large-format, limited-run, signed, numbered, and framed art pieces.

Here’s the type of quality you can expect from something with my signature on it:

Paper Upgrade
Signature Series prints use a heavier (88lb), ultra-premium matte paper sized at 16" x 20".

Limited-Run Guarantee
Only 25 people on this planet will ever own each art piece. Once 25 have been sold, the only way to buy one will be to buy it off the new owner — and at a mark-up I’ll probably wish I had charged off the bat.

Beautifully Framed & Matted
20” x 24” natural wooden frames have been hand-selected for their grain as the perfect complement to each print and any room it might end up hanging in.

Free Shipping
It arrives safely packaged at your preferred mailing address. For free.

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